Why homeopathy

I came to homeopathy when it successfully treated a severe respiratory condition my daughter was struggling to overcome. Her situation had turned increasingly chronic and alarming, and conventional methods could at best offer pharmaceutical medications, potentially layered with side-effects.

The results of my girl's treatments were deep, lasting and beneficial beyond the original complaint. Her entire health picture improved. Since then homeopathy has served my family as a primary medical system—a time period spanning over two decades now. We use it to address all manner of acute, chronic or inherited tendencies that may arise, and so far it is keeping us free, healthy, and out of the loop of complex medical interventions.

In the long run Homeopathy is a most cost-effective,  efficient,  and ethical  form of medical insurance one can invest in. It is the ultimate preventative care since it  cleanly manages situations thus avoiding the need of a potential cascade of medical interventions calling forth antibiotics, steroids, pain medications or pharmaceutical layers.  In this way we  address complaints without compounding problems leading to  potential risks of  iatrogenic complaints.




I graduated from  Dr. Jose Isaac’s Academy of Homeopathy, attending courses in  Kerala, India and San Francisco, California—a four-year, part-time course and  post-graduate clinical studies program.

I hold the credential Certified Classical Homeopath, a designation awarded to me by the Council for Homeopathic Certification, recognizing standards of professional and ethical competence in the field of classical homeopathy. The C.C.H. designation is the highest available credentialing standard for practicing homeopaths in the U.S.A.

I am a certified CEASE therapist, trained in the use of isotherapy detox methods.

I am a certified HP Supervisor for Free and Healthy Children International trained in the use of homeoprophylaxis (HP) a program for educating the immune system toward infectious disease processes using homeopathic noseodes.  HP is a homeopathic model for infectious disease prevention.

I routinely work with a wide range of  health conditions.  I have a keen interest in pediatrics and women’s health issues.

I specialize in SHINGLES  -  PAIN RELIEF and RECOVERY through homeopathy.