Insomnia and other health issues resolved

I first approached Shelly Garrison after a lifetime of dealing with Western medicine for multiple medical issues, without success. I have been seeing Shelly, and using homeopathic medicine for a over four years.

The most severe and pressing medical issue I had, was a severe case of insomnia. Doctors could only offer heavy medications such as Kronopin and Ambien. In spite of the heavy drugs I slept at best one or two hours and felt drugged all the time. I felt like a walking zombie. I was panicking, literally bouncing off the walls. I decided to buy burial plot. It felt as if I had a bright light on in my brain that I couldn’t turn off. I learned that mice only live 50 days with no sleep.

The results with homeopathy were not immediate but I decided to give homeopathy a real try. Several months into the remedies my sleep began to improve and I was able to drop the other drugs. With the encouragement of Shelly Garrison I continued with the remedies. Today, my sleep issues are gone and I am able to have a good night sleep with no interruptions. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that homeopathy saved my life.

I also suffered most of my life with herpes outbreaks. They were very itchy and painful. Since working with Shelly and homeopathy, I seldom have the herpes and when present, they are not nearly as severe or embarrassing. They dry up by themselves and after a couple of days they clear up. I no longer need to use anti-viral medications.

After an operation I had an allergic reaction to some medications they gave me. I had bumps all over my body and it was very itchy. I decided to take benedryl but when it did not clear up after a couple of days, I called Shelly and she gave me a remedy. The next morning the bumps were gone!

Every winter I would be bedridden for 3 weeks from a bad flu. I am allergic to the flu shot so that was never an option. Although the flu was not directly targeted, I understand that one remedy has several purposes. I was prone to catching flues yearly due to my poor immune system. I have not had the flu in four years!

Shelly is an excellent homeopathic practitioner, and she has always been there for me, and her confident, calm approach, continues to amaze me.

- M.W.