Shingles Relief

A year ago I suffered my second attack of shingles. The first attack was likely brought forward by a kidney stone that happened the previous day. That first time the shingles presented with no rash, but the lines of nerve pain could have been drawn like a map on my rib cage. I was misdiagnosed 3 times at my local clinic, and the third visit included suggestions for therapy, implying it was all in my head.

I went in to the clinic one more time with my chiropractor as an advocate who also had shingles virus present in her own body without a rash. I had a new doctor this visit who put me right into shingles protocol of meds, none of which touched the pain—time alone healed that episode. During the follow up the doctor told me that I would likely have nerve pain the rest of my life and that not much could be done about it. I was even told that most patients commit suicide!

Less than a year later shingles struck again after a fall where I tore my labrum. I spent three weeks in 2 different hospitals, and this time I presented with a rash. In the confusion of labrum symptoms the shingles again went undiagnosed. After 3 weeks of nonstop pain and ineffective pain meds I escaped the hospital and followed a friend's advice to seek out her homeopath, Shelly Garrison. We had a short phone call and she arrived at my house within hours with my remedy.

Within 24 hours some of the pain had subsided but the most importantly I experienced a definite energetic shift and my body. I knew that I was in fact going to heal from this episode of shingles. This attack hit my groin where I tore my labrum, yet in two days I was walking again and within 10 days was back at work full time in a very physically active job.

I now am diligent about stressors and keep them to a minimum but when I feel I have been taxed in some way I act and get on a remedy. I am forever grateful to my friend for sending me Shelly’s way and back into the gentle arms of homeopathy .

- Kerry L.