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Shingles Relief

A year ago I suffered my second attack of shingles. The first attack was likely brought forward by a kidney stone that happened the previous day. That first time the shingles presented with no rash, but the lines of nerve pain could have been drawn like a map on my rib cage. I was misdiagnosed 3 times at my local clinic, and the third visit included suggestions for therapy, implying it was all in my head.

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Insomnia and other health issues resolved

I first approached Shelly Garrison after a lifetime of dealing with Western medicine for multiple medical issues, without success. I have been seeing Shelly, and using homeopathic medicine for a over four years.

The most severe and pressing medical issue I had, was a severe case of insomnia. Doctors could only offer heavy medications such as Kronopin and Ambien. In spite of the heavy drugs I slept at best one or two hours and felt drugged all the time. I felt like a walking zombie. I was panicking, literally bouncing off the walls. I decided to buy burial plot. It felt as if I had a bright light on in my brain that I couldn’t turn off. I learned that mice only live 50 days with no sleep.

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